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24th July 2014

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What is my hair doing? #growingoutapixie

What is my hair doing? #growingoutapixie

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23rd July 2014


GAWD, the only thing worse than rainy and cold is hot with intense humidity.

Sometimes I think maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to run away and live in the hot, dry desert and paint all day like Georgia O’Keeffe did.

I used to think it sounded crazy, but now I’m starting to understand.

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21st July 2014

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My personal opinion is that Heller and crew are aiming for a final season 8. It just makes sense. Everything we have learned so far leans that way. It really does.

curious - what makes you say that? not disagreeing with you, just wondering what you’ve heard that points to another…

Well, it doesn’t make much sense to introduce a new character just for 13 episodes AND a final season. It doesn’t make a lick of sense to have this character come in with a chance to be a regular when there is only 13 episodes OR this final season. It’s not enough to build up her story along with everything else, and her usage would be wasted because we wouldn’t get anything from her character. She is supposed to supplement Rigsby/Van Pelt departure, but why? The core group is good enough. So my thinking is that Heller is introducing Vega in as an incentive to CBS and the audience that he can keep it going even with Lisbon/Jane together, and Jane moving on with his life. It literally took a few seasons for us to get some proper story arcs with Rigs and Van Pelt, and Wiley is still fairly unknown as a character as is Abbott and Fischer. It just doesn’t add up to add another character for 13 episodes of a final season. It isn’t enough time to explore everything that needs explored if she is indeed upped to a regular castmate.

Also, I am not so sure CBS would hold onto the fact it is a final season. Most broadcast companies, including FOX, NBC and ABC usually announce what is on final season way before they start filming the season. The silence of CBS is pretty telling, and I am pretty sure that they are waiting to conduct ratings/viewership numbers before making decision to extend the series.

This is all speculation on my part, but things don’t really add up for a final season. Things align more on the side of trying to extend it to a season 8, which would likely be the final season.

WOW.  That would be AMAZING.  I can’t imagine it happening, but I get where your logic is coming from.  I just think that, given they hired the actors for Abbott, Fischer and Wiley AND built a huge extensive set, for what could have been only 1/2 a season last season, that hiring someone for just one year isn’t that crazy.

Also, their contracts running up at year seven and all that…  it just makes me believe that this will be the last season.  I would LOVE a season 8, but I mean, the actors, producers and the fans worked so hard for SO MANY MONTHS to even get a season 7, I dunno.  

But hey, there’s still the possibility that CBS is as sneaky as I joked about, and maybe they held out their answer on season 7 just to force Bruno’s hand into making Jane and Lisbon get together.  LOL  And hey, CBS does tend to hold on to a show for bizarre amounts of time…  they just renewed NCIS for a 12th season, and holy hell, that’s a spinoff from JAG.

Television networks are an enigma, they change their minds on a dime, and sometimes make really strange choices (like approving crap (Crossbones?  Reckless?  Revolution?) and cancelling truly awesome things (Firefly? Community?)) kind of like a toddler with power. (like how Lisbon explained rich people)


21st July 2014

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Too bright for mah kitty nap! *paws over the eyes*

Too bright for mah kitty nap! *paws over the eyes*

20th July 2014

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I was just reminded of this series tonight. If you haven’t heard of it, Shabanu follows the story of a young Muslim, Pakistani girl and her struggle over whether to do what’s expected or what her heart desires.

From Amazon: Life is both sweet and cruel to strong-willed young Shabanu, whose home is the windswept Cholistan Desert of Pakistan. The second daughter in a family with no sons, she’s been allowed freedoms forbidden to most Muslim girls. But when a tragic encounter with a wealthy and powerful landowner ruins the marriage plans of her older sister, Shabanu is called upon to sacrifice everything she’s dreamed of. Should she do what is necessary to uphold her family’s honor—or listen to the stirrings of her own heart?

Haveli is a direct sequel to Shabanu, while House of Djinn is about Shabanu’s daughter (though Shabanu is a secondary character).

I read these books when I was a young teen, and they stuck with me for a long time, even after I forgot the names and titles. These were, growing up, the only novels I read that had muslim characters. There is frank discussion about sex, and birth control, and the struggle of a young girl growing up in a traditional upbringing (which resonated very deeply with me at that age). Plus the writing stuck with me for a long time — a voice like wood smoke is still one of my favourite turns of phrase.

Um… this was going to be much more polished but I ran out of energy. Anyway if you’re looking for a good, female-lead story to read, I do recommend this series**

** Note: The author of this story is as far as I know white, so I am not sure entirely how accurate the depictions in this might be. If it is problematic, please do let me know!


In middle school they made the first book, Shabanu, a required reading, and I remember I LOVED IT SOOOO MUCH, that I read the second one on my own.  I didn’t even know there was a third!

But I was SO ENTRANCED by the descriptions of gold and henna and jewels, yet so frightened by the sexual expectations of the young heroine, that this book just became one of those super-memorable books that I cherished.

BUT FOR YEARS I COULD NOT REMEMBER THE TITLE, FOR THE LIFE OF ME!!!  I could see the cover art in my head, and it was pretty hard to search for “young girl, arranged marriage, desert…” But here it is!!!  OMG THANK YOU!!! 

Seriously!  It’s one of those amazing things from life that you remember but then can’t recall the name of until you see it again, and it’s like finding buried treasure!!  I gotta read this again, and see if it’s still as enthralling as I remember!

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20th July 2014

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20th July 2014

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Anonymous said: where i can watch that deleted scene with jane playing tetris in bathroom


They actually never filmed it. It was in the script, though.

I stg, this keeps me up at night laughing.


They should have more scenes with his pants down…


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20th July 2014

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Nine times Patrick Jane let his mask fall


And the tenth time it fell for good…

This is a great gifset.

THANK YOU!!  I saw this gifset this morning, and I was like, “Nice, but you’re forgetting the best one!”  So thank you Pellegrina!!  #10!


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20th July 2014

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5x01, 5x20, 6x08„ 6x22

Now, you are boyfriend / girlfriend!

Deny, deny, deny.  But once those eyebrows start creeping up…  you know she’s lyin’.  Hehehehe.


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20th July 2014

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The Mentalist 

"……There’s something I want to tell you, Lisbon.….Something I should have said a long time ago……..You have…… no idea what you’ve meant to me…….What you mean to me…..”


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