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7th September 2011

Photoset with 31 notes

I’m trying to learn to post my more rough works.  I love seeing others’ processes and rough stuff, but have this intense fear of showing my own.  I wasn’t sure why at first, because I so love seeing other artists’ rough work, so why not mine?  I think I am afraid someone will look and say “You’re doing it wrong!” “What is that?” or even “That’s awful!”.

But you know, if anyone said those things then they either wouldn’t know much about art or much about tact.  There is NO wrong way to come to a finished work, and you know what you are looking at when you are looking at structure lines.  And who would say that something is awful?  Only a troll.

So anyway, here’s some sketches I did this morning.  It’s Rosella from the King’s Quest series of computer games!  :D  King’s Quest 4 was my first computer game, and she was the protagonist.  So she’ll always have a special place in my heart!

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    OMG this is so adorable! Rosella is quite possibly my favorite character ever. *thinks for a minute* Yeah if anything...
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    The King’s Quest series will eternally have a special place in my heart, and memory.
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    Yep! All I use are col-erase. I am addicted and after using them through college there is nothing else I can use. Except...
  7. caboodlederps said: People who tell you stuff like that aren’t worth your time. - These sketches are absolutely beautiful! Keep posting them! :)
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    Rosella my love~~ I think you shouldn’t be afraid to air your dirty laundry, art wise, like you said. Tracy Emin did it...
  9. lifecrystals said: AWWW YEAH KING’S QUEST
  10. kamidoodles said: this looks great! i love it when artists post sketches and rough works - you can get feedback before you commit to any colours or anything, and it helps noobier artists like me learn. :D